I remember in fourth or fifth grade when we had track and field day, everybody got a ribbon for participating.

Fast forward to when I was 22 and became a paraplegic. I believed because I went through this hardship because life didn’t go in my way, I was entitled to goods from companies, I was entitled to the support of people on my journey, I was entitled to all of the things just because I was a wheelchair user just because I experience tragedy.

I’m not sure if psychologically receiving that ribbon for participating is linked to me believing that I deserve things because of my hardship, because of my Wheelchair, but that’s not the way the world works.

It wasn’t until I started building something, putting effort into both my external being and my internal being.

So often we focus on the workouts to create “fitness:, but fitness is developed with our nutrition.

Not only the nutrition of our body but of our mind.

I think one of our biggest mistakes is not paying attention to the dialogue happening within ourselves.

The more you pay attention to that dialogue, the more you can control it, controlling the way you show up, and quieting your quit.

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