About Jesi
Jesi Stracham is a trauma survivor on a mission to help individuals see the opportunity in their obstacles. She is the founder of Wheel With Me Foundation, the owner of Wheel With Me Consulting, and a fitness and growth coach. Through her struggles, she works for teaching individuals the power of our mindset. Jesi is an honest, authentic, America-loving athlete.

In January 2015, Jesi was the passenger on a motorcycle when it collided with a car. She woke up a week later in an intensive care unit without the use of her legs secondary to a spinal cord injury. Instead of accepting disability as her reality, she rejected the prognosis that she would be wheelchair dependent for the rest of her life. In the face of adversity, Jesi is recovering from her disability, using it as a platform to reach her world. Since the onset of her injury, she has achieved more than she previously dreamed possible.

Over the past several years, she has generated a significant following among both the spinal cord injury and able-bodied community. Her goal is simple: show the world there is an opportunity in their obstacles, restoring hope during life’s difficult moments. She helps people achieve their dreams through the importance of goal setting, taking control of what we have control over, and showing YOU what’s possible with consistent hard-work.
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The Wheel With Me Foundation is focused on a growing community of men and women who are wheelchair users. Our mission is to bridge the gap between inpatient rehabilitation and independent living through activism with the ultimate goal of constructing a transitional home to bridge the gap between inpatient rehabilitation and the real world. The residents of the Wheel With Me Campus will be accompanied by a caring staff member ready to coach them through their journey. Each resident will learn wheelchair skills, how to address and overcome daily obstacles, and care for themselves while fostering their own personal development. Upon graduation, the resident will be confident reintegrating into their home, community, and workplace.
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