I am Jesi Stracham, a wheelchair athlete on a mission to inspire the world to live life to its fullest by sharing my story. I am currently training to compete in the 2022 Winter Paralympics in Wheelchair Curling.

In January 2015, I was the passenger on a motorcycle when it collided with a car. I woke up a week later in an intensive care unit without the use of my legs secondary to a spinal cord injury. Instead of accepting disability as my reality, I rejected the prognosis that I would be wheelchair dependent for the rest of my life. In the face of adversity, I am recovering from my disability and using it as a platform to reach the world. In the three years since my injury, I have been able to achieve more than I previously dreamed possible. To name just a few accomplishments, I have qualified for the US Paralympic Curling Developmental Team and founded a non-profit called Wheel With Me Foundation that aims to serve persons with spinal cord injuries.

Over the past several years, I have generated a significant following among both the spinal cord injury and able-bodied community. My goal is simple: show the world there is opportunity in their obstacles. I help people achieve their dreams through the importance of goal setting.

Thank you for dropping by my website.

Jesi holding a spinerygy wheelchair wheel with 24 white spokes and a Kenda tire in front of her face.
Photo by: Riley Lewis, Belmont, NC