Marvins Mountain GNCC

blog post Marvins Mountain GNCC

I left a day earlier than usual so I could make it to be apart of GNCC’s school program. We went to Bobtown Elementary. It was a fun program to be apart of and the kids loved Roxanne.

UTV racing resumed at this weekends GNCC. I’ve felt more prepared than ever. I had second place start and held that position well into the second lap. That’s when trouble hit. With Truett breathing down my neck I picked up the pace a bit. There was a tight section I felt my tires rub on the previous lap. This lap my rear would catch the tree, then smash the rock right after because it was bent ending my day, again. (I apologize for blaming Truett for hitting me, I initially thought it was him because there were two hits, but he later explained to me that I hardly made it through that section to begin with.

Let me break down single seat racing for you. We race for 30 minutes, our typical track being about 1.5 miles, mostly being cut into the mini course. This was perfect for the first year model of the ACE, but now they are as wide as a RZR S and we need a little more space. Frustration doesn’t even begin to put my feelings to paper. I have finished 1 out of the 4 races I’ve competed in this year, because I’ve broke something every race due to the tightness of the course. After talking to my fellow competitors, I voiced my concerns to the Racer Productions staff so they can address it as needed. We will be back for more racing in two weeks.